Nigel Sutherland

NIGEL SUTHERLAND found himself at Raleigh in 1970. He worked at Raleigh on two occasions and in total spent ten years working there “My first job was in the Ring Braze learning to put frames together. Then when I went back to Raleigh I worked in the finishing shop where the bikes were assembled andContinue reading “Nigel Sutherland”

David Sinclair

DAVID SINCLAIR joined Raleigh on a Youth Training Scheme around 1979. “I needed to get some work experience and to earn so that I could deal with everyday issues. I had a good spell there, but it wasn’t for me. I found it dirty and noisy and assembling bike parts on the production line wasn’tContinue reading “David Sinclair”

Howard Edwards

HOWARD EDWARDS started his time at Raleigh as a machine operator and then moved on to become a welder. He worked at Raleigh for approximately three years. “When I came to England my cousin gave me a Raleigh racer, it was a red one, really good. That bike meant so much to me because IContinue reading “Howard Edwards”

Winston Smellie

WINSTON SMELLIE worked on the production line in the finishing shop on Faraday Road for about 11 months before leaving. He was seventeen years old at the time. “Racism was rife back then. We would get really angry because nothing was done about it and sometimes it would develop into fights. They did nothing toContinue reading “Winston Smellie”

Roydon Allen

ROYDON ALLEN, on leaving school, was offered four opportunities of employment, one of which was at Raleigh. Allen’s mother was already an employee at the factory. His decision to become a Technician apprentice was influenced by the conditions he saw his mother working in. “I saw my mum in the press shop where there wasn’tContinue reading “Roydon Allen”

Winston Stewart

WINSTON STEWART worked at Raleigh on two occasions, the first being from 1976 to 1978. He later went back to Raleigh during the 1980s and by then there was a new department manufacturing the BMX bike. During his second stretch at Raleigh he was promoted as a trainer for trainees. “When I first worked at RaleighContinue reading “Winston Stewart”

Cordova Smith

CORDOVA SMITH, after undertaking a course in electrical welding, worked at Raleigh. He undertook light engineering work, welding car seats and some of the heavier bicycles. “I can remember welding frames which were going to Nigeria and they had a welding inspector so that if the job was not done properly you had to doContinue reading “Cordova Smith”

Burnett George Anderson

BURNETT GEORGE ANDERSON worked at Raleigh between 1966 and 1992, moving between several different departments, including: the hubs department, the Toy Fab department, and then onto electrical welding. “I was the only Black person to enrol on The National Education Board of Supervisors Studies training course at Loughborough University in 1975. It was a one-yearContinue reading “Burnett George Anderson”

Gladstone Deslandes

GLADSTONE DESLANDES worked for over 30 years at Raleigh in three different departments, including: the general machine shop, the plating shop (a job he detested because of the harmful chemicals he was exposed to) and finally, for the last eight years of his employment, he worked as a tool setter and operator cutting racing bikeContinue reading “Gladstone Deslandes”

Jasmine Deslandes

JASMINE DESLANDES worked at Raleigh for nine years from 1965. She worked in the finishing shop putting the final touches to the bikes. Like many of her colleagues she worked piece work. “If you went in on a Saturday, you might take home £7, but you had to work hard for it, really hard.” JasmineContinue reading “Jasmine Deslandes”

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