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Raleigh Workers A – D

Roydon Allen ROYDON ALLEN, on leaving school, was offered four opportunities of employment, one of which was at Raleigh. Allen’s mother was already an employee at the factory. His decision to become a Technician apprentice was influenced by the conditions he saw his mother working in. “I saw my mum in the press shop whereContinue reading “Raleigh Workers A – D”

All Raleigh Workers

The Nottingham Black Archive is proud to present the personal accounts of those who worked at Raleigh. Here you can find personal testimonies of their working life experiences. List of Raleigh Workers: Bettina Wallace Burnett George Anderson Cordova Smith David Sinclair Densel Davy Fay Osbourne Gladstone Deslandes Govern Murray Howard Edwards Iona Walker Jasmine DeslandesContinue reading “All Raleigh Workers”

About Us

Click our logo to visit us at When We Worked At Raleigh Nottingham Black Archive is dedicated to documenting Black history, heritage and culture in Nottingham from the earliest time possible to the present day. It has a growing collection of oral history testimonies, political letters, documents, photographs and ephemera relating to the BlackContinue reading “About Us”

About Raleigh

The history of Black people working at Raleigh Industries in Nottingham is one which demonstrates the power of community activism. Raleigh, established in 1887, is one of the world’s oldest and best-known bike brands. At its peak Raleigh produced 100,000 cycles, 250,000 hub gears, 15,000 motorcycles and 50,000 motorcycle gearboxes annually and despite the risingContinue reading “About Raleigh”

Densel Davy

DENSEL DAVY, from St. Mary, Castleton, Jamaica arrived in Nottingham in 1965. He began an apprenticeship at Raleigh in 1969, gradually progressing to the status of Deputy Chief Electrical Engineer before leaving in 1983. “I did a four-year training programme involving six-week blocks at college and six weeks at work. When I finished my apprenticeshipContinue reading “Densel Davy”

Lloyd Ferron

LLOYD FERRON, born in St Catherine, Jamaica arrived in Nottingham at the age of 14 in 1957. His first job after leaving school was working at Raleigh. He worked in the fender shop, putting fenders on Choppers and other bikes as they moved down the conveyor belt. “It was my first job when I finishedContinue reading “Lloyd Ferron”

Govern Murray

GOVERN MURRAY began working at Raleigh in 1968. He had just turned sixteen and newly arrived from Jamaica. He spent the next 37 years working until he was made redundant. By the time he had completed his time at Raleigh he was able to make a bicycle from start to finish.  “I did so many differentContinue reading “Govern Murray”